Patients Rights

As a patient of TOA Columbia, you have the right:

  • To considerate and courteous medical care in a safe environment regardless of race, age, sex, disability or financial status.
  • To participate in the development and execution of your care.
  • To obtain meaningful and relevant information pertaining to your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis from physicians and others that care for you during your visit.
  • To discuss treatment options and request information regarding specific procedures and/or treatments available and the risks/benefits that are involved.
  • To refuse treatment, if it is permitted by law, and be told of the consequences of this decision.
  • To know the identity of physicians, nurses, and anyone else who is involved in your treatment.
  • To know the financial implications of the treatment choice made.
  • To privacy during treatment, examination, and other actions that pertain to a patient’s medical care. It, shall be conducted in such a way as to protect the patient’s privacy.
  • To expect the medical staff involved in your treatment to treat all of your records and communications pertaining to your case with confidentiality, except when reporting is required by law.
  • To review your medical records and to have information explained to you, except when restricted by law.
  • To ask and be told of any business relationships that exist between the office and any parties that affect your treatment.
  • To have family help make decisions concerning your medical care, if you desire.
  • To receive quality assessment and suitable management of pain.
  • To be informed of any treatment that you receive that might involve research of any kind. To be informed of all the risks, benefits, and/or discomforts that this treatment might cause.
  • To voice concerns about your care and to have those concerns reviewed and, when possible, resolved.
  • To not fear discrimination, abuse, or harassment of any kind because you voice your concern