MTBJ Introduces pedCAT Foot and Ankle Imaging

In an effort to provide the most up to date care options for our patients, we are happy to announce the addition of a pedCAT to assist with foot and ankle imaging. This new machine takes views of the foot and ankle that provide greater examinations for preoperative planning, fracture and dislocation detection, for monitoring arthritis, and early detection of osteomyelitis.
The pedCAT imaging is done via CT and creates 3D images of the area. The physician is able to see critical views of the foot and ankle to better assist with pre-surgical planning and diagnostics. The patient is weight bearing during the scan, which changes the alignment of the foot and ankle, and gives the doctors a view of how the bones and muscles behave when a patient is sitting versus standing. It is the only way to get a weight bearing scan to get a better idea of how the foot functions, rather than just the image of the bones.

Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint is one of only three clinics in the state of Tennessee to own a pedCAT and the only clinic in Middle Tennessee – including Franklin and Nashville – with this technology. This is another way we are creating a more established and modern foot practice in the area!

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