Dr. Doug Wilburn

Dr. Doug Wilburn is the most senior physician on our staff, having spent 37 years at Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint. Upon graduation from residency in 1982, Dr. Wilburn was faced with the question of where to begin his practice. At the time, Dr. Moore and Dr. Daniel had established our Clinic and were looking for another partner. After meeting with them, Dr. Wilburn was convinced Columbia would be a great place to practice and raise a family. Time proved him right, and Dr. Wilburn has never regretted his decision. He feels very fortunate to have been here his entire professional career.
CDW family photo
Professionally, Dr. Wilburn is most proud of how the Clinic has grown over the years, both in the numbers of physicians on staff and in the types of services we provide to patients. And while orthopedics has changed a lot over the last 37 years, Dr. Wilburn is proud that we have continued our commitment to provide high quality care, provide a family atmosphere for our staff, and keep our patients happy. Adding new physicians to the clinic not only helps us treat more patients, but it also brings new perspective to the types of care we provide and ways in which we can expand our services by introducing new techniques and treatment programs. The last three decades have brought rapid changes in orthopedics. By keeping up with those trends, Dr. Wilburn feels this enables us to be at the forefront of providing unsurpassed care to his patients.

Personally, Dr. Wilburn is proud to have had the opportunity to stay in one place for his entire professional career. He has been able to watch his three children grow up in Columbia and see them flourish in their own professional careers. His oldest son is an electrical engineer in Chattanooga, his daughter is dentist in Columbia, and his youngest son is a CPA in Nashville. His family is a huge source of pride.

Giving back to the community is a big part of the Clinic’s mission, and something that Dr. Wilburn believes in emphatically. He was an avid supporter of Columbia Academy when his children attended, and served as a football team physician for 20 years with both Columbia Academy and Columbia Central High School. Dr. Wilburn lives the Clinic’s mission of being active in the community and supporting local civic organizations. He is active in his church and has participated in mission trips to South America, Africa, and Central America.

In his time at the Clinic, Dr. Wilburn says one of the biggest changes has been the growth of technology. Additionally, there has been a major shift in terms of treating patients on an out-patient basis as opposed to in-patient. Physicians now try to do as much as they can without having to admit the patient to the hospital, often saving both sides time and money. Medical administration has also changed from being physician driven to more insurance driven. With the building emphasis on insurance and government in medicine, Dr. Wilburn strives to keep his focus more on providing the utmost care for his patients and less on the restrictions he occasionally faces in his treatment plans.

Away from the Clinic, Dr. Wilburn enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, biking, water sports, and snow skiing. He has always thought of MTBJ as an enjoyable place to work and appreciates our staff members who make it easier for him to deliver medicine and treat patients. He strives every day to have happy patients and a good working relationship with our other physicians.